Workshop Materials

Anatomy of a plot A diagram of how plot elements fit together

Archetypal Character Biographical Survey

Best kept secrets and the things no one knows An exercise to help you get to know your characters secret dreams, ambitions, and inner demons.

Countdown to “Go Time” An exercise to help you get your protagonist and antagonist in the same room together and put them in a dramatic situation

Defining moments, critical choices, and pivotal people This exercise will help you generate extra dimensions of your character’s backstory.

Female Archetypes and Male Archetypes : These folders contain very basic summaries of each of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s fourteen character archetypes.  For a more detailed discussion of archetypes, read her book. 🙂

Forward-Moving Actions and Complications Suggestions for how to raise tension and keep your play moving forward

Getting Inspired: Taken from The Writer’s Book of Matches: 1,001 Prompts to ignite your fiction, these prompts provide ideas that might spark your creativity.

How to write French Scenes A guide to using the French scene method for outlining your play, based on Jeffrey Hatcher’s discussion and examples from his book The Art and Craft of Playwriting.

Language A few of the terms that relate to word choice and language use for writing dialogue in plays

The Major Dramatic Question An exercise to help you figure out the the MDQ of your play.

Playwriting 101: A general overview of Aristotle’s six dramatic elements and how to use them in crafting your script.

Questioning the Character Arc An exercise to help you develop your archetype’s fears and how to help him grow as a character.

RCLP-Character-Archetypes: This file contains the introduction to Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s book 45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters, which discusses what archetypes are, how they differ from stereotypes, and a helpful list of questions to get you started on fleshing out some of the basics of what your character looks like and his or her basic personality elements.

Three Act Structure A basic overview on how to structure your play


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