Welcome to the Wrighter’s Workshop


If you are participating in the Barrow Civic Theatre’s Play Writing Workshop, please take note: scripts are due by 5/24 for the Youth One Act Festival,  so plan to submit your final draft OR your “work in progress” with a note indicating that that you are enrolled in and in the process of completing the play writing workshop and will have a final product soon. Best of luck to all of you!

Welcome to the six week youth play writing workshop in association with the Barrow Civic Theatre! This site has been set up as a companion and supplement for the work that we are doing over the next several weeks, with hopes that you will find it to be a helpful resource as your write your play.

  • The LINKS tab provides several websites and blogs that expound on various aspects of storytelling and writing for the stage or screen.
  • In the BLOG, I have posted several entries on my own understandings and thoughts about the concepts we’re covering in the class.
  • If you miss a week of class, the WEEKLY EXERCISES page contains the jobsheets and handouts for each week.
  • WORKSHOP MATERIALS contains extra resources and handout not distributed in class.  We’re only scratching the surface of writing plays in our limited time together, so I have provided extra exercises, activities, and resources for you if you want to go deeper into the subject matter.

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