Welcome to the Wrighter’s Workshop

Welcome to the six week youth play writing workshop in association with the Barrow Civic Theatre! This site has been set up as a companion and supplement for the work that we are doing over the next several weeks, with hopes that you will find it to be a helpful resource as your write your play.

  • The LINKS tab provides several websites and blogs that expound on various aspects of storytelling and writing for the stage or screen.
  • In the BLOG, I have posted several entries on my own understandings and thoughts about the concepts we’re covering in the class.
  • If you miss a week of class, the WEEKLY EXERCISES page contains the¬†jobsheets and handouts for each week.
  • WORKSHOP MATERIALS contains extra resources and handout not distributed in class. ¬†We’re only scratching the surface of writing plays in our limited time together, so I have provided extra exercises, activities, and resources for you if you want to go deeper into the subject matter.

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